Friday, December 21, 2007

Three's a Rat Pack

When my cousin, Louie, comes over, we become a real dog pack. You can sure tell the difference between Louie and Bina and me. Louie behaves like a typical yappy chihauhau while we're cool herding dogs. But, I like Louie. For one thing, he's smaller than me so I can dominate him. For another, he ranks lower in the dog pack which makes him one of the few dogs I rank above. My housemate, Bina, is the dominant dog in the pack so she keeps us all in line. But, we all look up to my dad as our true pack leader. Or, is it because he has treats in his hand? We're lucky he believes in fair play. When one dog gets a treat, all dogs get a treat.


Louie said...

I have to say,I am not a yappy Chihuahua. I only bark when I am helping you and Bina protect your house. I even help chase away birds, squirrels, dragonflys (your favorite), and sometimes unwanted people. I fit very well in your pack, and I don't mind being the small dog at the bottom of the todem poll. As long as I get to hang out with you and Bina. Sometimes I even like your dad better than my parents. He does give me better treats than my mom does.
Can't wait to see you on Christmas Eve!

Ripley said...

Really, Louie, you barked at Rhonda, the nice lady who owns Fancy Pawzz. You were visiting us on December 7 while we were being groomed in her mobile trailer. You barked and growled so much, Rhonda was scared to come into the house. But, putting that momentary lapse aside, I agree you're not all that yappy. And we like having you in the pack. See you in a couple of days!

Louie said...

Well Ripley, I happen to know how much you hate being groomed. So I thought that if I barked enough it would scare her off and you wouldn't have to go through that torture! (However you do look very sharp after Fancy Pawzz visits) I'm just looking after my big dominant cousin.