Saturday, December 22, 2007

And Now, Dogs With Jobs

My dad believes all creatures large and small should have jobs. At our house, my housemate, Bina, is the pre-wash cycle. She does a great job licking the plates clean! But, my mom has to put the knives in "blades down" so she doesn't cut her tongue. What a chow-hound!

I have a seasonal job. I herd dragonflies down at the park. In Fresno, dragonfly season starts about June and lasts until late October. A few months ago, my dad tried to videotape me herding dragonflies but the dragonflies didn't show up on the video. I looked pretty silly running around, looking up and barking at nothing, and jumping into the air for no obvious reason. Fortunately, he deleted the clip by mistake so my mom can't put it on the Internet.


Amber-Mae said...

Hi there Ripley! So nice to meet ya! Oh, that's a wonderful job! I wouldn't mind doing that job full time but the problem is, my hoomans don't allow! Grrrr... I have lots of jobs too! I have to perform during doggy events & stuff. I'm a very busy dog. I have to work to earn my food, treats & balls...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Ripley said...

Hi, Solid Gold Dancer! Welcome and woof woof! I like your blog! Malaysia seems so far away, I can't imagine what it's like. You would probably like my cousin, Scout, and her sister, Dream. They look a lot like you and they have to perform at doggy events, too. Did you see the video below where Dream won the National Obedience Championship? Do you have to compete like that? It looks like a lot of hard work!! I'll stick to dragonflies!

Trouble said...

Scout and I do the pre-wash cycle at our house. Yesterday I got in big trouble with my dad. My collar got caught on the dishwasher rack and I got scared and jerked back. There was a loud noice and dishes fell on the ground. Well, you can imagine the mess that made and how not pleased my dad was.
I guess doing stuff like that is how I got my name.

Ripley said...

Oh, no, Trouble! Such an unfortunate accident! You were just trying to do your job with the pre-wash!

I got an Email from an "Oliver" but I suspect it was really from your dad. This "Oliver" character called me a "pain in the tail" and said he wanted to smack my tongue back into my mouth. I can only imagine how much you suffered from your dad's displeasure over this small accident.

Well, Trouble, keep your nose pointed forward and don't let life's little messes get you down!