Thursday, December 20, 2007

Licking Our Lips Waiting for Santa

Our dad told us Santa would be coming soon. So, we're hanging out by the Christmas tree, waiting. When Santa comes, he usually bring us special treats. From years gone by, we've gotten more stockings than we can hang on the mantle. I've still got chew toys left over from last year. Santa, if you're reading my blog, I've been a very good dog this year. I'd like tennis balls rather than chew toys, please. Just 4 more days!


Trouble said...

I would take the treats! Tell Santa to send your treats over to our house.
Your cousin "Trouble"

Ripley said...

Great idea, Trouble! We'll send you any chew toys that Santa brings us.... and you send us any balls that Santa leaves in your stocking! Actually, rumor has it that I'm getting a remote controlled dragon fly for Christmas. If the rumor is true, I won't have to wait for dragonfly season anymore; I'll be able to chase dragnflies all year long!

Amber-Mae said...

Hi there Ripley!

Wow, what a loverly X'mas tree! We only have one small one & a few decorations here & there. Oh, I absolutely LOVE tennis balls too! I always dream of me swimming in a pool full of tennis balls! Ahhhh...

Just last month, my sistas & I went for an OB trials. I got 2nd placing for Pre-Novice. I have not qualified for Pre-Novice & Novice yet so I could not take Intermediate level. I did badly for Novice becoz we've waited there the WHOLE day & I was already tired & sleepy. My sista Faith, the Dalmatian got 4th placing. My other sista Chloe, the Golden got 6th placing.

My mommy has taken a video of me & my sistas during the trial. You can find it in mah previous post. She also has taken a video of me doing some Intermediate routine. That one must be in last three month's post.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer