Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm the Product of Unauthorized Breeding

My housemate, Bina, is a full blooded Australian Shepherd. She has an official pedigree and bloodline. Look at her regal portrait! She loves just about everybody, whether they have 2 legs or 4 legs. Motorcycles are the only thing she hates. When we're riding in the car, she barks viciously at motorcycles that pass by. Go figure!

I, on the other hand, am the result of "unauthorized breeding." My questionable lineage means I can't compete in any American Kennel Club dog shows. My mom tells me it's who you are that counts, not who your parents were. So, I try to be a good dog. I keep digging projects to a minimum, bark only when it's appropriate, stick close to my family, and am respectful to other dogs and people.


Scout said...

Being a result of unauthorized breeding makes you very special. How many dogs with fine pedigrees have blogs? My mom is always telling me I should be like my canine mom and dad. My dad was a breed champion and my mom has lots of working dogs in her background. I am told that both my mom and dad were very smart and willing to please. So how am I to live up to all that and also have a sister who is National Obedience Champion? It’s not easy being a dog with a fine pedigree!
P.S. I can help you with some of those digging projects next time I visit.

Ripley said...

Scout, you are so nice! I've been working hard to overcome my inferiority complex! You've helped me see that pedigree or not, we all have challenges to face. I'll bet your sister had to work so hard to win that championship, SHE wasn't able to float on an inner tube. She probably doesn't even know what an inner tube smells like! I'll bet your sister has unresolved issues that dogs like you and me don't have.

I'm drawing up some new plans for the next digging project. So,I hope you're planning a visit to Fresno soon!

kingsley said...

AAAAHhhh... i hate motorcycles too and will attempt to bark and bite them through the windows if they come too near me! Bella and me have got something in common.. that's so cool!!

P/s.. i think that you are a cool dog regardless of your breeding.. :)