Monday, December 17, 2007

Special Morning Time With Mom

I'm not supposed to get on the couch but every morning, my mom gets up really early. While she has coffee and reads the paper, she lets me lounge on the couch with her. I jump down when I hear the bedroom door open because it means my dad is coming. If he catches me on the furniture, he scowls and tells me to get off.

Bina, my housemate, lounges on the floor in the morning. At 10 years of age, she's getting older and grumpier so she sleeps more than I do.
Mornings are definitely for sleeping. Even though we've spent the entire night sleeping in our parents' bedroom, we're still lazy and sleepy. Our day doesn't get started until a pesky squirrel runs across the back fence. That's when we have to protect the perimeter against unauthorized intruders.


Gizmo Cat said...

Hi Ripley,
Thanks for your reply to my last posting.
I look forward to a good chase with you and I will even bring my brother, Gadget, so Bina can play, too!
Have a good sleep tonight and say "Hi" to mom and dad from all of us here in Sunnyvale, soon to be in Clovis.

Your Pal, Gizmo Cat

Ripley said...

Gizmo and Gadget, Bina and I can't wait for you to move to Fresno. In all fairness, I'll admit we've never caught a cat although we've tried lots of times. There's always a first, though. So, put your running shoes on.... and, welcome to Fresno!