Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Message From My Cousin, Scout

Hi Ripley,
I saw my picture on your blog - thanks - I was pretty cute don't you think?

I still help in the garden, mostly with digging. I still carry pots around and chew them up when I can. My mom says I am not digging where she would like to plant so it's not that helpful. But, I'm thinking I'm a good garden designer and she should plant where I dig. I also fertilize the plants but my mom says that's not that helpful, either. Sometimes, humans are hard to understand!

By the way, I did not get Best in Show - it was High in Trial - a big difference to humans who know about dog shows. I am extremely gorgeous but judges wouldn't put me up as Best in Show. Also, I'm not an obedience champion, yet. That takes more points that my mom and I still have to get. In the interest of editorial integrity, you might want clarify this on your blog.

Keep up the good work!



Scout said...

Hi Ripley,
Thanks for clarifying my accomplishments on your blog. You are a "dog with a blog" with the utmost of editorial integrity!

Peanut said...

Well that's great that scout wanted us all to know exactly what he won and hasn't. Great dog

Ripley said...

Scout, thanks for keeping me honest! I wouldn't want to take any editorial liberties that stretch the trust. Other liberties, I'll take in a heartbeat!