Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dirty Dog Just Wants To Have Fun

Last summer, we went to Shaver Lake. I like to swim out to retrieve sticks. My older housemate, Bina, likes to swim in the lake, too. But, she also likes to roll in the sand. Look at her! She's ready for another stick to be thrown! She doesn't realize how dirty she is. She's really lucky our people love her and didn't abandon her up in the mountains. Instead, they dried her off, cleaned her up, and brought her home. Then, they called Fancy Pawzz, a mobile dog grooming service. Now, we get groomed once a month whether we need it or not. Sometimes, we even get blueberry facials. What a dog's life!

Check out Fancy Pawzz's website: I like everything they do except the blow drying part!


Gizmo said...

Hi Ripley!!
Let Bina get all sandy at the lake.
Being older doesn't always make you wiser. Be positive and think good thoughts and you will always have the bigger bone. Besides your coat is too pretty to get all dirty!!

Have A Great Walk~~

Gizmo Cat

Ripley said...

I hear you'll be moving to Fresno soon Gizmo Cat. I can't wait for a chance to chase you! Hope you run real fast and can climb trees and fences.

TCConley said...

Hi Ripley,

Long time reader, first time writer (its hard with paws). I love the "dirty" look, so French. Oh la la! What do you have in store for the winter season?

Also, any thoughts or ideas on how to keep my nails looking healthy and great? Even though my master insists on keeping me indoors, like a baby. Let me know!

Happy Holidays!

Shyanne Dalmatian
aka: Spunkie Spot

Clovis, CA

Ripley said...

Spunkie, I recommend tasty lamb and rice canned dog food for a shiny coat and strong nails! And don't forget that weekly pedicure, too. Beauty may be skin deep but claws cut to the quick. So, good grooming is just an absolute must.