Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rules of the Ball Game

My mom and dad don't understand the rules of the ball game. I drop a tennis ball in my mom's lap. She's supposed to throw the tennis ball, preferably to me. If I catch the tennis ball, I parade around for a few minutes, then return the ball to her lap so she can throw it again. My housemate, Bina, barks her silly head off until my mom throws the ball to her. Then, Bina runs around the house with the ball in her mouth. I chase her, barking wildly until Bina eventually drops the ball. I put the ball back in my mom's lap so she can throw it again. The game is supposed to continue for hours. My mom usually ends the game when the ball is dripping wet with dog slobber. I don't know why that grosses her out so much!

Can anyone help explain the rules of the game to my mom and dad? I've tried so many times but they just don't get it!

P.S. See the elephant in the background? My mom collects them.

P.S.S. Sometimes, we don't catch the ball like we're supposed to and things break. By my count, two wine glasses (with red wine in them) and a glass cabinet door have fallen victim to the "ball game."

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