Saturday, December 22, 2007

Check Out Dogs With Blogs!!

You can't tell it when I'm sprawled out on the couch but I'm so excited! I have a new friend! Opy, the original gruffpuppy, visited my blog. So, I checked out Opy's blog. Opy lives in Australia and her blog is so cool! Opy is linked into Dogs With Blogs from all over the world. There's a map that shows where all of us blogging dogs live. I signed up on the map and I'm hoping Opy will invite me to join the Bone Zone so I can talk on the boards. Check out Opy's site at

I have a wonderful life in Fresno. I am very lucky to live with a mom and dad who think dogs are a part of the family. They include us in just about everything. We go to the grocery store, help with the yard work, and my mom even has a "Take Your Dog To Work" day. I've been so fortunate, my blog is happy and upbeat. But this morning, I saw a story about LaPorte, a man who shouldn't have ANY dogs in his life. I signed the petition and added a link about this tragic story in case you want to sign the petition, too. Thanks for indulging my sadness and melancholy this morning!


Scout and Trouble said...

Ripley, We are so impressed that you are now an international canine blogger. Bow Wow!
Trouble and Scout

Ripley said...

Hi, Scout and Trouble! Just this morning, my dad was saying I needed to get a life. I'll tell him that I'm not the only dog with an interest in foreign affairs. I'll do my best to keep the Downing - Mueller dogs linked in to dogs worldwide!

Scout and Trouble said...

Ripley, tell your dad that you do have a life! You are a dog with a blog and are keeping your Calif. friends and relatives connected to the world.
Scout and Trouble

P.S. Our mom is never going to get our presents wrapped if we keep pestering her to post a comment on your blog.

Bella said...

Hi Ripley!
I'm Bella and I live in Hollister with my Mom & Dad and 2 Siamese cats, Scooter & Floyd. I found you from my good friends, Scout & Trouble.
I'm a gal on the go cause I walk with my Mom a lot each day and sometimes go to the bookstore where she works. They have lots of great dog stories there and woofie things to smell. Sometimes I see my friend Scout there, too. Even though I'm a 'pound' dog I'm a PRINCESS in my family's eyes. You can recognize me by my pink collar with rhinestones that spell BELLA. I look like a black lab puppy but I'm very mature at 3+ years! Do you watch the Dog Whisperer? Ceasar Milan is so dang cute, don't you think? I like all your pictures on the dog blog. Did you catch that possum, yet? What do you think Santa will bring you? Food is good!
I wish you a cozy warm Christmas with your family!

Ripley said...

Hi, Bella! So nice to meet you! Does you mom have any photos she can send? I'd love to post your picture to my blog! No, we haven't caught that pesky possum yet. Scout says she's really good with rodent extermination and she said she'd help us next time she visits. Hope she comes to Fresno soon!

I agree with you, Ceasar Milan is SO cute. But when my digging projects get too big, my mom threatens to send me to his dog rehabilitation center in LA. I think I'd be intimidated by his big pack of dogs.

I hope Santa brings me lots of tennis balls, and a new collar. Mine is getting frayed around the edges.

What's on your list for Santa, Bella? How about you, Scout and Trouble?

Here's wishing my new Hollister friend, my Los Gatos cousins, and dogs around the world, long walks on Christmas and abundant scraps from the table that fall on the floor!

Bella said...

Hi Ripley,
Yes, Good table snacks would be an awesome present! How do I send you my picture?
XXX, Bella

Ripley said...

Hi, Bella! Just Email pictures to my mom at She knows how to post pictures to my blog. Add any text or stories you want attached and she'll put those with your pictures, too. YOU can be almost famous just like Scout!!!!