Friday, February 26, 2010

Run to the River

We've been visiting the river a lot lately. Recent court decisions have sided with environmentalists who want to restore the river's salmon runs. To achieve this, more water needs to flow down the river without being siphoned off for farming or urban uses. My mom and dad are always looking for jobs for dogs. I'm thinking "fish counting" is in my future!


Emma Rose said...

That sounds like a good job. Just don't get caught nipping a sample!

Emma Rose

nicole said...

hi! I just moved to Fresno and I'm dying to get my dog out on some trails where he can run free, preferably with some water. your river excursions seem perfect! can you
give me any information on where to find such spots? my dog will be forever grateful! you can email me at I will also check this posting.

thank you so much,