Thursday, February 25, 2010

Driver Training

When we're riding in the car, Roxie likes to stand on the console by the driver. She likes to kiss the driver's face and ears. This distracts the driver which could cause an accident. So, my mom and dad are trying to train Roxie to sit quietly in the back seat and leave the driver alone. Roxie has other ideas so the driver's training isn't going as quickly as it should. Roxie's lucky that her mom and dad are very patient.


Dog Art Design said...

Roxie is so pretty. I know how that goes with taking pups in the car with you! lol

Emma Rose said...

We are looking into getting doggie seat belt harnesses. They look pretty cool!

Lorenza said...

Roxie! Roxie!
I wish I could do that! I guess I am to short!
Kisses and hugs